New Year, New Vision! 5 Steps to Accomplish Your Goals in 2021

Happy New Year! Welcome to my first post of 2021. For most people 2020 was exhausting and 2021 has kicked off with a chaotic bang, so it may be easy to already throw 2021 to the side. However, today is only January 13th, there are still 50 weeks or 353 days left to make 2021 everything you want it to be!

In this new year, I find myself balancing time managing multiple businesses as a full-time entrepreneur, while mastering my two most important titles, wife and mom. Given the multitasking that is inherent to all three titles, individually and collectively, it is essential for me to remain productive in 2021. In this post, we will discuss ways to accomplish your goals and attain your vision in the new year. This post will be relatively short and to the point, as efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to accomplishing your goals. So, let’s get to it- 5 ways to achieve your 2021 vision!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Creating a plan allows you to pinpoint your intentions and shape them into a vision. Dream big. Become a visionary when it comes to your life. Where do you see yourself at the end of 2021? In the planning stage, it is beneficial to perform a self-assessment, reviewing your roadblocks; how can you overcome them, while identifying your values, strengths, and weaknesses. Planning is vital when it comes to realizing your vision.

Make SMART Goals

Establishing goals take your vision from a daydream to an executed plan. Plans and goals are not synonymous. If your plan is the why, then your goals are the how. Goals become the blueprint or steps necessary to complete your plan. The best goals are SMART Goals! First, your goal should be specific (S). Be as precise as you can when writing your goals. How else will you know what you want to accomplish? Second, your goal should be measurable (M). Figure out how you will determine when you have met your goal. Third, your goal should be achievable (A). When writing your goals make sure they are attainable. Do you need a new skill or attitude to make it happen? Fourth, your goal should be relevant (R). Make sure your goal is relevant to the larger vision. Finally, your goal should be time-bound (T). Setting realistic deadlines increases the chances of success. Use your SMART Goals as a strategy to accomplish your plan.

Use Tools to Help You Stay on Track

Using tools and apps are an excellent way to remain on track when accomplishing your goals. Remember when we identified weaknesses in the planning stage? Now is when you counterbalance them with time saving tools and applications. For example, if your plan is to use healthier products this year but your weakness is being able to decipher confusing product labels, Think Dirty is a wonderful application you can use to determine the safety of all types of products. Or if you are a list maker, like me, One Note is a great application designed for list making, note taking, organizing, task management, and archiving and it can be synced on all devices. Tools can also be as simple as printing out a weekly calendar and meal planning. Use anything that will make reaching your goals easier!


One of my favorite quotes, “vision without execution is hallucination,” sums up the need to act. All the planning, goal writing, and tool using means nothing if you do not put action behind the vision. It’s not enough to want to reach your goals, you must get up and make it happen! You will have to learn how to pivot around barriers and let your goals evolve as you go along. Flexibility is important when reaching your goals. Like the great Bruce Lee once said, “be water.” Another way to remain active is to find other people striving towards similar goals and become accountable to each other.

Be Consistent

The most important part of reaching your goals is consistency! Have you heard of the 10,000-hour rule? It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything, meaning practice makes perfect. Of course, the rule is simplified for ease of conversation. Those 10,000 hours should not be spent just being busy, they need to be productive. Use your SMART goals to remain efficient.

Confession, this post was mostly a reminder to myself that I can achieve my 2021 vision!

C. Hughes, The Impactful Nurse

Let’s discuss ways you stay productive! What is your vision for 2021? How will you use SMART Goals to get you there?

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