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IMPACT Healthcare Management, LLC recognizes the challenges faced by its community when navigating the complex and confusing U.S. Healthcare System. 

We specialize in educating the community on the business of healthcare, healthcare policy, safe navigation of the healthcare system, and the use of natural healing for pediatric patients and their families. We provide individualized education through our consulting services and generalized education through articles posted on our blog. As a company we seek be to a leader in the healthcare system and provide a voice of advocacy and empowerment for the community on health related issues.

IMPACT provides consulting services to daycares, schools, & community organizations:

  • Health Education for staff on common childhood illnesses and caring for special needs students.

  • Management of health record keeping for daycare employees and enrolled children.

    • Continually updated allergy & other health alerts.

  • Sick plan management for enrolled children. 

  • Proper medication storage, labeling, and use education.

IMPACT provides consulting services to parents and family members:

  • Health Diagnosis & Medication Education.

    • One time education or long term education on complex care available​.

    • Education can be provided to parents, family members, or anyone else in care of the child.

  • Navigating the healthcare system.

    • Explanation of healthcare services and testing.

  • Transitioning to Plant-based Living.

    • Household Products & Menu Planning​.


IMPACT Healthcare Management, LLC subscribes to a transformational leadership style. We emphasize a shared vision between our clients and employees to achieve collective goals. 


IMPACT Healthcare Management, LLC's mission is to excel in providing strategic education and consultation to the community on the business of healthcare, safe navigation of the healthcare system, and natural healing for pediatric patients and their families. 


IMPACT Healthcare Management's vision is to set the standards for excellence in healthcare education and advocacy by equipping community members with the knowledge needed to navigate through the U.S. Healthcare System and using natural sources for healing.


IMPACT Healthcare Management, LLC's values our commitment to serve our community's healthcare needs in a compassionate, safe, and innovative manner.